We produced as guests can relax as they need.

Hello, I am representative officer of this hotel, No Eunhye.
I born in South Korea. It has been 10 years since I came to Japan. I was shocked at the price rate in Japan when I came here at first time as an exchange student. Although there are wonderful culture and beautiful scene of seasons, and I wish I could have experienced such things, however it was hard for me as a student.
As people say this world became smaller because of the internet. However it is completely different from the actual world. As relations between Japan and China or Korea, know each other only by their education and misunderstand each other is unfortunate thing. It is obvious from my past experience as well. Young people around the world should see and hear with their eyes and ears, breathe in there, communicate with local, and need to judge things by their own.
Young people visit Japan from all over the world nowadays. I have opened "Ippaku-1980yen Hotel Tokyo" as I wanted to create the system which can support those pure people with full of curiosity as possble as can.
We are deeply grateful for all the supports over the countries to this days, and hope we could be helpful for grass-roots exchange. As an accomodate facility, we omitted unnecessary things so we can offer the lower costs for our guests to stay, but we keep in mind while producing that tourists can take a rest comforably in abroad.
We will improve our services based on user's opinions, so please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts. Sincerely hope you have a safe journey in Japan.